The Smoking Pig Tavern

We invite everyone to go check out the new downtown business The Smoking Pig Tavern at 127 W Shelby Street. When you visit this location you will quickly see that the new business owner Jennifer Thornton has put a lot of time and care into making this building unique and one of a kind, while still maintaining the wonderful historical look and feel for the building located in our Historical Downtown area.  

Her son and fellow City Council Member Sebastian Ernst will be working as Manager for the new tavern. When the City Clerk and Council Member Amy Hitch was at the Tavern on April 26 for the Grand Opening, Hitch proudly presented Sebastian with a Proclamation for Inspiring New Business Day from the city. Sebastian shook Hitch’s hand with a warming smile and invited all his staff and wife Marissa to join in for the picture.

This restaurant offers a family friendly environment for all to enjoy and the city is proud to have them apart of our growing town.