2018 Mowing Contract City of Falmouth Request for Proposals


The City of Falmouth is currently soliciting bids for mowing of city property located on the west side of US27, 17 Ridgeway Ave, Falmouth KY. Commonly referred to as the “Klee Property”. The City has received numerous inquiries regarding mowing this property for hay. The City is requesting that all interested parties submit a bid request to maintain the mowing on this property. Bids are allowed to range for $0.00 and up. If the city receives multiple bids for the same amount it will be randomly awarded to one of the bidders.


Bids are due by Friday, September 14, 2018 at 4:00 pm. Bids can be dropped off at City Hall or mailed to City of Falmouth, 230 Main Street, Falmouth KY 41040.

Fees for Services

Bids must include a rate schedule for mowing services or a schedule of what will be provided free of charge in exchange for the hay that the property may produce through round or square bales. For the purpose of this bid, mowing is to include all of the area that is available for hay. Contractor will be responsible to properly remove all garbage and debris that may be found while performing the general mowing duties. Bid shall include mowing between April and October. The city will allow for some flexibility due to weather conditions.

Proposal Requirements

Please provide the following information:

  • Statement of the Company’s Qualifications.
  • Statement of limitations, if any, to provide the services.
  • Fee proposal for services. Contractor shall provide there on bid sheet.
  • Any other information you think would be relevant in evaluating your firm for this work.
  • The Contractor will take care in their work not to damage city property or they will be liable for any and all damages to city property. The City of Falmouth will not be held liable for equipment failures due to obstacles on city property.
  • The Contractor will be required to execute and deliver unto the City a Certificate of Insurance for General Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Kentucky “no‐fault” coverage, covering all vehicles and equipment and all operation to be performed by the contractor pursuant to the contract.

Additional Requests for Information

Request for additional information should be addressed to City Clerk, at 859-654-6937. The City of Falmouth reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. The City will expect the selected proposer to enter into a contract for services that will provide further terms and conditions.