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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go for vehicle registration information?
County Clerk Office of Rita Spencer # 859-654-3380

Where can I get my property evaluation or tax information?
City information call City Hall # 859-654-6937
Pendleton County call PVA office of John Steele # 859-654-6055

Where do I get my driver’s license renewed/or changed?
Circuit Clerk Office of Mike Redden # 859-654-3347

Where can we get a marriage license or deed information?
County Clerk Office of Rita Spencer # 859-654-3380

Where do I pay County property taxes at?
Pendleton Co. Sheriff’s office # 859-654-4511

If I want to put up a building, fence or something that effects my property what do I need to do?
Planning and Zoning Office of Brett Price # 859-654-1108

Who services utilities outside of Falmouth City limits?

Electric: Blue Grass Energy 1-800-842-7481
Gas: Duke Energy 1-800-544-6900
Waste: Rumpke 859-472-7339
Water: East Pendleton Water District 859-654-2100
Water: Pendleton Water District 859-654-6964

If I need assistance?
Community Action Center helps with a variety of things. A few examples are Energy Assistance, Emergency Food, Financial Literacy Education, Prescription Assistance, Budget and Credit Counseling, Weatherization Service (information on how to lower bills and help with the weatherization of your home) # 859-654-4054

**If your issue can not be addressed by any of the contacts here please contact City Hall at 859-654-6937 and we will work to assist you in finding the department that you need.