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A Caucus Meeting of the City Council shall be held at 6:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month at City Hall. Regular Monthly Meetings of the City Council shall be held at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month at City Hall.

Amy Beckett Hurst, Councilwoman

Home Phone: (859) 322-1938

I am a life-long citizen of Pendleton County and have resided in the City of Falmouth, for the past 30 years. I teach at Northern Elementary in Butler, a mother to a wonderful son, and wife to Roger B. Hurst. I am a member of Grassy Creek Christian Church. My parents are Joyce Beckett and the late, Punky Beckett, also life residents of Pendleton County. I am a graduate of Pendleton County High School, Class of 1989, and a graduate of Northern Kentucky University (NKU) with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education and a Rank I as a Reading Specialist. My work experiences are various. During high school and college, I worked at Angilo’s, Hometown Pizza, Perkins, Kincaid Lake State Park, and the Graduate Education Department at NKU. I am currently starting my 29th year at Northern Elementary in Butler. I have earned several teaching awards and monetary grants during my teaching career. I have served on many educational committees at the school, county, and state levels. These roles and experiences have helped become an organizer, learn to serve in a leadership capacity, and serving the public.

I am a member of the Four Oaks Homemaker Club, Pendleton County Tourism Council, served as a past committee member for Relay for Life, served as an officer for the former Falmouth Woman’s Club, Camp Northward Corporation Member, as well as a past volunteer counselor for both regular and wilderness camp. I also volunteer at Partners of Kincaid Lake events, Crayons to Computers, and other various groups throughout the years. My son and I are also a “volunteer” tour guides at the little town of “Punkyville”, south of Falmouth. I am also a member of the Pendleton County Alumni Band. Serving my community through volunteering has always been a strong facet of my life and will continue to do so.

I look forward to serving the citizens of Falmouth, KY. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail ( or leave a message at city hall and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Joyce Carson, Councilwoman

Home Phone: (859) 391-2701

I was born and raised in Pendleton County and have been a resident of Falmouth since 1975. I am married to Jeff and have two sons, Chris and Alex(Brandi). I have one granddaughter, Adalyn. I have a BS degree in Education from EKU and Masters and Rank I from NKU. I have experience working with people since I taught in Estill County for 1/2 year, Logan County for 1 year, and Pendleton County for 30 years. I retired in 2005, but missed working, so I have been subbing for 18 years.


I enjoy being involved in my community, so I joined a group of concerned citizens to help promote Pendleton County by forming the Pendleton County Tourism Council. When my son Alex moved to N. Kentucky, I was selected to fill out his term on City Council. I’d already been attending most of council meetings and had some knowledge of what was going on in the city, so I decided to run for a full term in November of 2018. I’m currently serving my 3rd full term. I love this town and county and want to work with other groups in the county to help move our county forward. We will make decisions that may not be popular with everyone, but I hope people understand that some issues have to be resolved for the betterment of the community as a whole. Hopefully we can look back and see that these decisions were the right thing to do. I encourage everyone to get involved in taking pride in our community, volunteering to put on events and helping out when you see things that need to be done. Attend city council, fiscal court, and school board meetings to fin out what is going on. Instead of complaining, help us come up with solutions to problems.


I welcome you to continue me with your concerns. We cannot go back to what came before us, so we have to go forward and do the best we can to make our community better.

Sabrina Hazen, Councilwoman

Home Phone: (859) 609-1991

I am proud to call the City of Falmouth and Pendleton County my families’ home for 12 years now.  My fiancé, Christian Hutchinson, and I have chosen this community to raise our family in. My children, Nick, Cam, Madison, Nate and Grace all have benefited from the friendships and bonds this place has to offer.      


I leverage my 20 plus years of experience in the administrative and legal field to benefit the Falmouth residents. I am excited to serve as a voice for people of the city in my role as a councilwoman. I know that collectively we can continue to build on the things that make this community a great place to live, work and raise a family.  I encourage you to reach out to me at (859) 609-1991 or with any concerns, issues or ideas.  I look forward to the prospect of all we can accomplish together. 


David Klaber, Councilman

Home Phone: (859) 739-9476

Brian Reid, Councilman

Brian Reid

Home Phone: (859) 630-4224

My name is Brian Reid. I grew up in Pendleton County. I married Carolyn Bishop. We have 3 grown sons, Barton, Brett & Brennan & one daughter Charissa. We also have four grandchildren with another on the way in May 2024. 

We moved to the City of Falmouth the summer of 1996 and endured the flood of 1997.  We moved away for a couple of years due to family circumstances for a brief time, and then we returned and have lived here ever since.  I love this city and its people. I will serve my council responsibilities to the best of my ability, and I am willing to listen to the concerns of the people.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. Thank you. 

Bob Petitt, Councilman

Bob Pettit

Home Phone: (859) 409-0502

I’m Bob Pettit. I’m a lifelong resident of Falmouth. I’m retired from Greater Cincinnati/NKY International Airport Fire Department and Ky State Fire Marshal’s Office. I’ve been married to Keri for 35yrs and have 2 kids, Kyle and Kelly, and 2 grandchildren Boomer and Hopper. Being on City Council takes an open mind and willingness to work through problems. I want a safe and desirable city for families to live in. Thank you.